Choreography – Natalia Bestemianova, Igor Bobrin
Director – Igor Bobrin
Dance stylistics – Andrey Bukin
Musical Director – Alexander Goldstein
Costumes designer – Nika Velegzhaninova
Music and performers - M.Williams, G.Rossini, L.Anderson, P.Nerro, Davis, A.Goldstein

Cinderella is the performance for the entire family. This is an emotional short rendition of the well-known and well-liked fairy-tale. From the very first moments of the performance Cinderella wins everyone’s hearts with her kindness and vulnerability, particularly as compared to the heartless and selfish stepmother and her spoiled, envious and wicked daughters. The three of them are treating Cinderella as a mere servant. The kind Fairy, however, gives Cinderella a wonderful chance to go to the ball at the King’s palace, where his son, the Prince, will choose his bride. So, even though Cinderella’s precious costume turns into rags at mid-night, the Prince does find her in the end, thanks to the crystal slipper, which Cinderella lost in her panicked flight…

Bobrin’s Cinderella debuted in Italy, at the Gardaland Park, on March 30, 2002. Since then thousands of Italian fans visited and appreciated this show:

“It is very light and interesting for the children, who watch it from the first till the last minute, spell-bound. And it is also loved by their parents, who appreciate the performance for the very high-level of figure skating art, including acrobatic and circus numbers, as well as for its original and dramatically choreographed theatrics, complete with fantastic costumes,” the Gardaland park leadership say and add that they consider this performance as one of the most spectacular events of the park’s line-up.