Swan Lake

Guests assembling at the Palace for the Prince is about to choose his bride. The Prince and his friends set out to the forest, this will be the last time the Prince is with his friends in his unmarried life and the company rejoices.

But the Prince gets lost in the woods and walks to the shore of an enchanted lake. There he sees many wonderful swans. As he aims to shoot one, White Swan appears and stops the Prince from shooting. The White Swan tells the Prince about the Sorcerer who has bewitched many beautiful girls, including Odette, as she was known to people, and then turned them into swans. As the White Swan speaks, the Prince falls in love with her and vows his fidelity to her in the fight against the evil witchcraft, so that the swans can become girls once more.

Later at the Palace, as the brides are presented to the Prince, the Evil Sorcerer appears with the Black Swan, Odile, who looks strikingly similar to Odette, the White Swan. The Black Swan is now bewitching the Price. He cannot help but succumb to her charms and breaks his promise to Odette by choose the Black Swan as his Bride.

Odette is doomed. Heartbroken, the Prince shares his true love’s fate.