Snow White

Music by

Johannes Brahms, Antonio Vivaldi, Christophe Beck, Philip Glass, John Powell, Franck Churchill, Peter Bodge

Choreographers Natalia Bestemyanova, Igor Bobrin
Director Igor Bobrin
Ballet-masters Andrey Bukin, Elena Vasyukova, Yulia Romanova
Costume Designer Nika Veligzhaninova
Music Editor Alexey Shubin

In a far off fairy tale land there lived the Prince. He dreamed about finding a girl to love and marry.

The Prince decided to invite all unmarried girls to choose his bride among them. They were all pretty, but the winner was the ultimate Beauty among them. When the Magic Mirror saw her reflection, it said: You are the most beautiful of them all!

But the Magic Mirror could not peer into the Beauty's soul, which turned out to be manipulative, greedy and evil.

At that time in this fairy tale land a miracle happened - a poor woman, caught in the wild snow storm, gave birth to a wonderfully beautiful girl, named her Snow White and died.

When Snow White grew up, the Prince saw her, as she was making seven clay Dwarfs to have as playmates. The Prince instantly fell in love with the Snow White. But the evil Beauty found out and ordered the Gamekeeper to kill the competition. The Gamekeeper set out for this gruesome task, but he could not go through with it when he saw how beautiful and gentle the Snow White was.

Then the evil Beauty decided to kill the Snow White herself, especially since the Magic Mirror kept saying: Snow White is the most beautiful girl in the world.

When the evil Beauty gave the poisoned crown to Snow White, the girl died.

The Dwarfs wept when they learned of their faithful friend's death. But the Prince tore the deathly gift off the head of his beloved Snow White and the Snow White was miraculously revived.

The evil Beauty then died from her own hatred of everyone. Once she was gone, life became a wonderful rainbow of light and love.