Millennium Nutcracker

Act I

Scene 1 It's Christmas Eve and everyone hurries to find last minute gifts. What will it be? A bell? Skates? A toy? A book? Or, maybe, the "Nutcracker"?

Scene 2 Everything and everyone is ready for the party and the first guests begin to arrive.

Scene 3 A holiday party won't do without magic. Wow! The dolls come to life. This must be a fairytale!

Scene 4 Although not the most attractive doll, the Nutcracker has a gallant and courageous heart.

Scene 5 Holidays are always over too soon. It's sad, but it's great to know that a whole night is still ahead to make Christmas dreams come true.

Scene 6 The clock strikes midnight. All is still, yet something is about to happen.

Scene 7 The dark is always frightening. One is scared of one's own shadow, much more still of the shadow of a Mouse.

Scene 8 For Clara, this Christmas Eve will become a real battle.

Scene 9 The Nutcracker will protect Clara from her foes, because Clara was kind to him, when everyone else thought him ugly. Well, perhaps it's something other than kindness.

Scene 10 After the battle. The Mouse King is defeated. Clara, relieved and grateful, looks straight into the eyes of her savior, and a wonderful miracle happens - The Nutcracker becomes a very handsome young man.

Scene 11 Mother Nature herself celebrates the joyous event with a glorious Dance of the Snowflakes. It's unimaginable, but even the coldest of all ladies in the world, Winter, shows Clara and the Nutcracker all the wonders of her chilly season.

Act II

Scene 1 All children know that only for them there exists a secret Kingdom of Sweets and, some lucky dreamers discover it and then Sugar Plum Fairy helps them explore it.

Scene 2 The Nutcracker escorts Clara to the Kingdom of Sweets, a delightful place where he has many close friends. Like in a box of chocolates, there is an assortment of individual characters.

Scene 3 The guests are entertained with dances from Spain, Arabia, China and Russia. A fire clown is amusing too. Even Clara joins in to dance a Tarantella.

Scene 4 The flowers come to life and dance, in honor of their guests, the unforgettable Flower Waltz. The air seems to be filled with floral aroma.

Scene 5 Clara feels welcome. She cannot face the reality that her Nutcracker is merely the doll from her dream.

Scene 6 Clara thanks the Sugar Plum Fairy and her Cavalier Prince for her visit and the wonderful time she has had. But how can she leave this land without her dear Nutcracker?

Scene 7 The Nutcracker's mask remains in the Kingdom of Sweets. This doll will live on for centuries. As her dream ends and she bids farewell to the Kingdom of Sweets, Clara is able to take her young man - a true, devoted friend - home with her.