Bird of Happiness

Igor Bobrin’s Ice Theatre and Nadezhda Babkina’s Russian Song Theater present Russian National Ice Show “The Bird of Happiness


Show Creators and Participants:
  • People's Artist of Russian Federation Nadezhda Babkina and Russian Song Theater Groups
  • Olympic Champions Natalya Bestemyanova and Andrey Bukin
  • Igor Bobrin’s Ice Theatre

Birds sing, autumn leaves rustle, wind chills, frosty snow squeaks, icicles drip… Our ancestors discerned every fine sound. They translated the sounds of nature into the sounds of music…

Crimson sunset, pure white the first snow, the fresh new green grass, brazing sun-rays… Our ancestors had unique eyesight. They observed the transformation of nature through poetry…

Our ancestors learned to communicate with nature and make compromises with it… And with this, the Russian Song was born. Each song is a different story – lyrical, playful, sad, but always striving for the light, purity and… happiness.

And so do the characters of the ice show “The Bird of Happiness.” They plead with nature: in the Fall they sing for harvest, they carol for Christmas, at Pancake Week they are round-dancing and for Ivan Kupala – lighthearted is their laughter. Their lives consist of meetings and partings, full of moments which simply take our breath away.

Scenery – it is the very essence of nature, magically captivating us by its beauty. The heroes go through the crystallized Winter snows, golden Autumn charm, endless Summer fields and intoxicating Spring aromas.

This show is made of a union between the genres of figure skating and Russian national tradition of song and dance. Part of the action is on a stage, set in ice. For the first time an ice show is set on theatrical stage.

Over 100 participants take part in the act, original costumes were created specially, the voices are as pure as Russia offers. The actors of Igor Bobrin’s Ice Theatre are so quick – they are melting the ice under their sharp skates and Russian Song Theater groups with the warmth of their singing.